IP address is a class that is used by the router as a default gateway similar to Because this IP address has to be unique, there is only one device on the network can use It is often used when setting up a home network and some network routers also use it as their default address.

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When a device join a LAN (local area network), network will appear in the TCP port. It is part of a local connection when a wireless access point and internet access. The ping utility can be used if you want to know if a device on your network is using

How to set up your router to use

To set up your router to use, first you will have access to the admin panel of your router. Start by typing in the address bar of your browser. After you enter your username and password, go to the network menu. Next, enter the login details from your network provider. DNS and you should be. You should also take a moment to establish a method for reliable encryption. WPA or WPE is a great choice.

The problem may be with

Sometimes, when using, you may be assigned to the device address and a gateway device does not respond to the problem. A static IP address will solve old problems, while technical failure may be the cause of a gateway device does not respond. On the Wi-Fi network that the network name and set the IP address is assigned automatically, the customer does not properly address the transfer can also occur. Finally, corruption port settings can be caused by the installation automatically.